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Background Information

How to use the plan

This quality-of-life plan is the compilation of many great ideas and countless hours of hard work. It is meant to capture the energy that this neighborhood has for making this a better place to live, work and play. In this document we present a vision of all the things our neighborhood seeks to accomplish in the coming years, and we specify who, what, when, and where these accomplishments will take place. The planning process—from community building through visioning and action teams—is also captured in this document so that others may replicate our successes. Most importantly this plan is a living guide for neighborhood progress. It will not sit on a shelf, but instead regularly inform the strategic decisions of neighborhood leaders. Thus, elements of this plan should be incorporated into the strategic plans of neighborhood groups and institutions as appropriate. Similarly, we also expect that this plan will serve as a roadmap to guide investors and other potential partners interested in helping us accomplish our neighborhood goals. This plan will be revisited annually, if not more frequently, so that it consistently reflects the priorities and opportunities in our neighborhood.

The Near Eastside remains eager to continue identifying and engaging new leaders while implementing the comprehensive quality-of-life plan.

A total of 531 participants have spent at least 1,000 volunteer hours in this planning process.


If you would like to learn more about the GINI process and how the Near Eastside Quality of Life Plan came about, please feel free to download the following PDF which explains more.

GINI Process

Moving forward, the Quality of Life Plan is now managed by residents through quarterly neighborhood summits.  Neighbors can discuss potential challenges and opportunities and can add things to the Plan by the following process.  (Click to enlarge)

How to Add Items to the QOLP 2

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